Radiation measurement of each municipality

In radiation measurement, three three-year Department of Industrial Chemistry, 13 students of the department of information technology has been one year challenge.

Method of radiation measurement

Use two pieces with a Geiger counter was installed in place of measured 1m in height from the ground either.

Radiation measurement with Geiger counter is displayed as Count Per Minute (number of detections per 60 seconds) per hour in terms of the number of the detected radiation.

Value at the time of normal is about 9 ~ 20CPM on average.


In this activity, we have focused on the analysis of changes in the relative magnitude of the radiation.

Hitachi radiation measurements

location: Hitachi Kamine Park
Date: September 16
position: Latitude 140.65675, [deg]:: Longitude [deg] 36.609093, 120.0m elevation

Shirosato radiation measurements

location: Prefectural Fuji Park apartment before the original
Date: September 15
position: 36 ° 27'32 .28: latitude ', longitude: 140 ° 23'35 .67 ", altitude: 35m

Ogitama radiation measurements

location: Kibogaoka park
Date: September 15
position: Latitude 140.307532, [deg]:: Longitude [deg] 36.218784, 24.8m elevation

Kasama radiation measurements

location: Shishido Kasama Municipal Elementary School
Date: September 15
position: 140.288521 Latitude, Longitude 36.339432 Elevation value: 10.6m

Temperature Humidity Wind speed Wind direction angle Wind direction (Jungle gym)Radiation cpm (Corner of the schoolyard)Radiation cpm
34.94 37.72 0.76 184.96 South 25.26 24.77

Mito radiation measurements

location: Senbako
Date: September 12br> position: Latitude 36 degrees 22 minutes 4 seconds, longitude 140 degrees 27 minutes 30 seconds