Support of research activities, such as issues related to radiation

Day 1

  • Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture
  • July 29

  • Mr. Hiroyoshi Inoue, Professor, Keio University School of Medicine
  • Use as the basis for radiation

  • Kazuo Sakai Radiation Protection Research Center, National Institute of Radiological Sciences
  • Radiation effects on organisms

  • Workshop

  • Meet to talk about various issues of radiation. Opinion on radiation, differ from person to person

  • Day 2

  • August 30

  • Debate

    On the subject of radiation, high school students, drawn from 47 prefectures, but I made ??a debate divided into positive side and negative side. I talked about how the group claim if you get a positive side, a claim if you get a negative side or together.

    Do you admit that you made ??in the neighborhood of radioactive waste at home, or not.

    Claim in the case of the positive side

  • There is no impact to the people around can make the neighborhood home.
  • Leads to the activation of the region
  • Get subsidy funds.

  • Claim in the case of the negative side

  • Will cost a lot of expenses such as construction costs and operational.
  • I 100% safety can not be guaranteed
  • What response time if there was a freak accident is what makes

  • Do you spread the food irradiation in Japan, whether.

    And food irradiation is that the technology for radiation foods and sterilization and anti-germination and genetic recombination, of microorganisms. 200 or more food items are food irradiation in the world today, this technology has been used in many countries. In Japan, food irradiation is done only to prevent germination of potatoes. It is said that food irradiation is safe and basically, as a result of an international mechanism to study the food irradiation experiments were carried out, such as, safety has been demonstrated without leaving physical damage.

    However, it has been found that there are many advantages and disadvantages to food irradiation.

    Advantages of food irradiation

  • It is efficient because large amount of food can be sterilized at one time.
  • Food can be sterilized regardless of its shape.
  • Re-contamination can be prevented as packed food can be sterilized.
  • Minimal environmental or residual impact.
  • Food can be preserved for a long period, suppressing energy consumption.
  • Food irradiation has been accepted worldwide in more than 200 products.

  • Disadvantages of food irradiation

  • Previous animal experiments observed abnormal chromosome, fetal abnormality, and an increase in death ratios.
  • There have been radiation accidents at food irradiation plants.
  • Radiation is a sensitive topic for the Japanese
  • Food quality may decline.
  • Reliability of inspections is low.

  • The debate on these advantages and disadvantages concluded that the disadvantages could be impr oved by reinforcing regulations and also by increasing awareness. Due to its efficiency and high fu nctionality, it could be beneficial for food irradiation to be actively promoted in Japan. Also, i t was concluded that providing explanations regarding the safety of food irradiation to Japanese ci tizens was the most important factor in order to promote food irradiation in Japan.


  • I proudly announce the contents to suit their own story.

  • Day 3

  • August 31
  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organization