Lectures by experts in radiation

  • Lecture: "Effects of radiation have on the risk of radioactivity"
  • July 24
  • Participants: Three three Department of Industrial Chemistry, Information Technology 13 people

  • Impression of the students in the Department of industrialization

    "I found that"

    Not just those that there are many different kinds, leaking from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the radiation it is also present in the natural world. For example, in the form of radon radiation, some of radon springs, may activate the cells of the body exposed to radon. Refers to more than a radon hot spring 74Bp/kg radon concentration.

    In addition, it will be a small amount of radiation to cancer is very rare, even if the DNA is damaged by radioactivity, mostly repaired by normal cells. There is food irradiation by X-rays or other types of radiation to food, such as insecticides, sterilization carried out as an extension of the storage period in the use of radiation. In Japan, such as those used in anti-sprouting of potatoes. Radioactive waste disposal sites, we can apply a cover to prevent radiation in the smoke will be managed by the surveillance camera and leaking or not, made ??anywhere. However, at present, because they are simply disliked the fact that there is radioactive material, the work's not proceed easily. Radiation therapy is good because you can be treated without losing an organ. However, some side effects was addressed, such as radiation and red. Also, the radiation of radiation therapy may also cause bad influence as I get hit in normal organs. Now, in case such that the IPS cells have been studied. The IPS cells that are pluripotent stem cell population that, I can make new organs such as the liver. Ability to get rid of the radiation, is equipped with our bodies.

    "I thought that"

    Tamura teacher, he explained a lot of data about the radiation. Among them, "We have data that has been predicted that from this data and calculated by the computer until now. That it was not made public" And, it remembers vividly was saying in a strong tone. Because I know the truth, those who have knowledge of the teacher as Tamura, eyes You also notice that you can say the wrong thing or media is hiding, who do not yet have a precise knowledge like us, wrong I do not even notice that I believe that are hidden. So it 's no good. Not only acquired the ability to get the right knowledge, the right information Re must. Since I know that the radiation really did not know anything, and always have an impact on our lives, feeling close to I was interesting enough to get to know. In addition, the image has been made even easier thanks to the springs with easy-to-understand presentation of Tamura Sensei. Radiation Now I want to teach it to other people was found to be to some extent. From now on, that now has become a hot topic not only for radiation Regarded as myself, I like to actively investigate. And, What can I expect from it myself, if I do I do not just look at just Think, I like to run.

    Impression of the students of the Department of Information Technology

    Location that has a high amount of natural radiation in the world is a Ramsar in Iran. However, few people of developing cancer. The reason for this is because it is possible that the types of radiation treatment of cancer radon. To health care and the use of food irradiation and using other radiation, the radiation may not only harm the people, a good effect. Radiation is not dangerous, so absolutely.
    Because the high concentration of radiation leak under the influence of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, 64% of people have become difficult to return home at the moment. In addition, there is a possibility that the place where people who do not go home without going through difficulty returning home only 32% even after five years, the residual radiation would also then be gone. There is a system to predict how radiation whether to expand, it SPEEDI. Its functions include calculating the amount of radiation and increasing trend was leaking.

    I want to be able to develop a Web-based system of communication of such information. We human beings are exposed by natural radiation and cosmic rays constantly. Not how to eliminate the radiation, so we should consider is how to take advantage of this radiation, how it is important for Japan to think it can.