Local Government Office Visits

Local Government Office Visits

  • Shirosato-Machi local government office visit: July 17th

  • Radiation measurement is when?

    Castle in the town village, we are measured at 11 locations. Measured daily, twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday) in the main government building, in kindergarten and elementary schools are measured.The measurement results are po sted on the website of the town. In addition, the people of the town, at no charge, we also rent of radiation meter.

  • Mito city local government office visit: August 11th

  • For radiation measurement

    Mito is a place were measured periodically, such as parks, child care centers, kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools (as of September 19, 2012, 2010) twice, to measure the radiation dose, has been opened to the public in May. We have to start the measurement of environmental radiation Elementary schools 33 May 11, 2011. From June, junior kindergarten and nursery are measured approximately 500 locations, including city parks and sports facilities.

    In addition, we measure all sports facilities in the city. As a measure, in accordance with an instruction from the country, 50cm, at an elementary school in the junior high school has been measured at a height of 1m. I'm at the sports center and the average value taken by the minimum size is measured in three places. Started in December of the same year, a visit to the space radiation dose measured each household was measured door visits by the end of March 1276.