An earthquake occurs while driving

If an earthquake occurs during operation, What do you do?

Situation when the earthquake occurred

  1. If you come across a great earthquake, such as when you are out of speed highway, the car shakes violently from side to side as you did when you suddenly punk, it looks like the handle is taken.
  2. Vehicle traffic except emergency vehicles, traffic is prohibited or limited in a disaster area by the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act. This is because the fire engine, ambulance and other emergency activities are carried out smoothly.
  3. Entrance of the Metropolitan Expressway will be closed by an earthquake of intensity greater than or equal to 5, all lines will be closed to traffic. Emergency inspection will be carried out to confirm safety, emergency inspection takes about three hours.

Behavior when it is affected during operation

  1. I stopped on the left side of the road in a safe manner as possible to avoid abrupt steering, the brakes.
  2. Listen to earthquake information and traffic information on the radio, after the stop, and act according to the information and the surrounding circumstances.
  3. At the location of the off-road as much as possible, park where you do not get in the way of emergency vehicles and people to evacuate.
  4. When you put the car evacuation, I want to move the location of the off-road as much as possible.

Note the following points when you put the car on the road evacuation

  • Preface to the left side of the road parking
  • Stop the engine
  • (To move when hindered way) to leave a key engine
  • Tighten the window
  • Do not leave valuables in the car
  • I do not lock the door
  • I'll leave notes and contacts as can be seen

Traffic situation after the earthquake

  • Signal does not work due to power failure, in abandoned car left the road congestion.
  • By top priority and rescue victims, human can not turn to traffic regulation.
  • In the radiant heat of the fire that occurred in the earthquake, fire ignites the fuel tank stand of the car.