Behavior when the earthquake occurred

Introduce point to act calmly

Point you should take action in the event of an earthquake

Elapsed time To act Point
To 2 minutes the earthquake Protect themselves Violent shaking fit in tens of seconds. Such as those that come from the fall, you should protect yourself.
22-5 minutes Settlement of Fire / confirmation of origin of a fire With the settlement of the fire immediately when you feel a tremor, there is a possibility that burns by shaking.
5-10 minutes Confirm the safety of family I will make sure safety of the family. I would be a good idea to make a pre-determined in the family.
Ensure evacuation routes I think it is distorted by shaking entrance, doors and windows are no longer open.
10 minutes to Confirm the safety of the neighborhood Or not people are buried by collapsed houses in the neighborhood, I will ensure that no fire occurred.

In coastal areas the tsunami are concerned is less than a few minutes until the arrival time of the tsunami

Reminders and Action to Be Taken during Evacuation

  1. Hide under some sturdy object such as a desk or table.
  2. After the earthquake stops, turn off the gas.
  3. When the building leans, the window and door deform and sometimes do not open. Open the window and door to secure evacuation routes.
  4. When going outside, check that there is no risk of falling objects such as roof tiles and windows.
  5. Do not stand near sloping buildings as they may collapse.
  6. When feeling an earthquake near the sea, evacuate to higher ground.
  7. When there is no damage to your home or risk of fire in your area, do not be in a hurry to evacuate.
  8. Check in advance for a place of safety in your area, and for wide routes that lead to safety on foot.
  9. Do not go to places where a landslide is likely to occur.
  10. Talk to the children to give them a sense of safety.
  11. Do not go near a cracked road.
  12. Do not touch a downed wire; otherwise, you may get electrocuted.
  13. In case of fire, evacuate to the windward side of the fire.
  14. There is a risk of electric shock, do not touch I would be aware that hanging wire.
  15. If the fire is going, try to evacuate upwind of fire. (Engaging the mouth with a wet towel measures such as smoke)