Earthquake precursor

As a precursor to an earthquake, various phenomena have been observed in the atmosphere and earth. I have put together for them.

  • Atmospheric changes
  • Changes in the earth
  • Changes in the wave
  • Atmospheric changes

    Rainbow, Iridescent Clouds

    The strange rainbow that Hirokichi Mukuhira who lived in Amanohashidate in Kyoto Prefecture discovered. This rainbow warns of an imminent earthquake.

    Form stars and the moon

    Situations where an earthquake is in place, under the ground becomes hot, the air near the ground is heated, becomes a two-layer structure of the upper layer and the cold air.

    Changes in the ground

    Earthquake Sound

    Brontide said the phenomenon of earthquake vibration is heard as sound. Brontide may occur if the source is shallow.

    Groundwater level

    Some wells dried up before an earthquake.

    Foreshock and Earthquake Precursor

    The foreshock is an earthquake which occurs before the principal earthquake. Aside from the foreshock, there is the earthquake precursor which occurs before a major earthquake. This has a longer time lag until the principal earthquake occurs, compared to that of the foreshock, and is said to be easily found. The intensity of the foreshock is small and often goes unnoticed.

    Changes in the wave

    Cellular Phone Disturbances

    Cellular phone use such as sending and receiving calls or mail are interrupted by the electromagnetic waves produced from the rocks around the seismic center.

    Home Electric Appliances Failure

    The electromagnetic waves sometimes cause malfunctions in electric products. The electromagnetic wave conveys changes in the electric and magnetic fields as waves, the electric field changes around the electric circuit inside of electric products when the electromagnetic wave reaches the circuit, and then it results in automatically carrying current to electric circuits.

    Earthquake Light

    The earthquake light is a phenomenon where before an earthquake the sky around the seismic center shines.